What Is The Waiters Union?

Different personality types in our community answer the perennial question - What Is The Waiters Union? - in different ways. Spot the similarities and difference in their answers.

1. The Reformer's Perspective
"Waiters: a sincere bunch of people working honestly and authentically with marginalized and disadvantaged people - without pretence or compromise."

2. The Helper's Perspective
"Waiters: A great group of really nice, kind and compassionate people, helping the people in the community who need us most, as sincerely and sensitively as we can."

3. The Achiever's Perspective
"Waiters: a great alternative post-evangelical community movement in Australia with an outstanding track record of great work with the poor for over 20 years."

4. The Designer's Perspective
"Waiters: a niche inner city community, creatively serving the poor in our own remarkable way, despite the sacrifice - and people's apparent inability to appreciate our innovative approach."

5. The Scholar's Perspective
"Waiters: a well educated cadre working holistically with socio-economically disadvantaged groups of people to facilitate a transformational model of developmental mission that mobilises inclusive, participatory, people-centred responses to systemic injustice."

6. The Believer's Perspective
"Waiters: a discipleship community seeking to love God wholeheartedly - and to love our neighbours as faithfully as we love our selves - just as it says we should do in the Bible."

7. The Dreamer's Perspective
"Waiters: a happy gang of punters who love nothing better than to party enthusiastically with our neighbours as they discover the extravagant joy of being fully human and fully alive."

8. The Protester's Perspective
"Waiters: a community of activists strongly committed to marching shoulder to shoulder with the poor in the righteous fight against poverty till the last battle is won or the last drop of blood is spilt."

9. The Peacemaker's Perspective
"Waiters: well ..ummm…you know, we just like live in harmony with God, in tune with ourselves, and in solidarity with others .. if that's…er… okay with everyone else."

'Adapted from Kristen Jack.'


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